Complying with JEIDA Standard
KOBELCO's all lifetime measurement systems comply with JEIDA Standard (53-1997) approved all over the world.

Multi-layer wafer lifetime 
By combining the short wavelength laser and differential detection, lifetime of multi-layer wafers such as epi, diffusion and SOI wafers can be measured.

High-sensitivity, high speed
With the Micro-PCD Method which can detect contamination with high sensitivity , lifetime map is obtained in a short time.

Iron concentration measurement
By measuring and analyzing lifetime before/after light illumination, iron concentration map can be obtained.

Ample measuring/indicating modes
Varied types of software can be used such as software for mapping the whole wafer surface, partial measuring, partial display and 3D indicating.

OX film/silicon interface evaluation
By changing injected carrier concentration, contamination in the bulk and trap concentration of OX film/silicon interface can be measured separately.

Evaluation of p-Si layer of LCD
By combing the short wavelength laser, differential detection and signal processing, crystallinity of poly silicon layer of LCD can be evaluated.

Evaluation of SiC
By short wave length laser, lifetime of wide band gap semiconductor such as SiC can be measured.


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