C3 Probe (Conductive Carbon Contact)

C3 Probe : Probe coated with Conductive Diamond Like Carbon (DLC) for the use in semiconductor testing

1.Feature of C3 Probe, and Customer’s merits

  • ■ Excellent Stability in Contacts (Reducing “Solder Stuck” to the “Pin Tip”)
  • ■ Total Test Cost Saving
    • ・ Improving Test Yield
    • ・ Decreasing Re-test, Increasing Machine Operation Time
    • ・ Decreasing Maintenance Frequency (Less Cleaning)
    • ・ Longer Pin Life

2.Results of Continuous Contact Evaluation

Contact Material:Copper Plate with Pure Tin (Matte Tin) Plated、Test Condition: 85°C
Contact Counts :500k Counts

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