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The Sputtering Target Division

There are growing needs of high quality and high functionality for sputtering target materials as sputtering is known to be the most efficient and controllable method to form the thin films at low cost.

The Sputtering Target Division of KOBELCO RESEARCH INSTITUTE has been developing original sputtering targets for new thin films, proposing a wide range of industrial applications, and giving significant contributions to down-sizing, light-weighting and energy-saving of customer products.

Furthermore, KOBELCO RESEARCH ISNTITUTE provides customers with comprehensive services, including production technologies using sputtering and sputtering targets, and hence helps customers to speed up technology development, quality control, and cost down of their products.

KOBELCO RESEARCH INSTITUTE is proud of producing “brilliant” sputtering target materials based on its advanced materials technology, high-level production technology, best technical services for customers, and internal business networks.

  • Pioneering Approach in Material Design

    We develop custom-made production and testing systems to manufacture a variety of sputtering targets to establish pioneering technologies. Our R&D is implemented in collaboration with the Technology Development Group of Kobe Steel, Ltd equipped with sputtering, micro fabrication and testing systems.

  • Novelty in Process Technology

    By developing particular melting techniques such as spray forming, we are expanding the range of material design. Since we own all manufacturing facilities for melting/casting, milling, cutting, and bonding, we are able to deliver products in a short period of time, and control target quality that is required by the customers.

  • Technical Service

    Our service are not just for sputtering targets but include thin film application technologies, processing technologies and film deposition equipment. Various materials analysis also can be done in KOBELCO SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH to provide customers with our high quality technical supports.

  • Global Sales Network

    We have a global network of customers from Japan and Asian countries around the world. Moreover, in association with our world-wide trading companies and agents, we can quickly respond to our customer needs.


Did you know? – What is the sputtering method?

sputtering method

Principles and characteristics of the sputtering method

Sputtering is a process whereby atoms are ejected from a solid target material due to bombardment of the target by energetic particles like atoms or ions.

A thin-film is formed by this ejected atoms depositing on a substrate.

Characteristics of the sputtering method

  • Adhesion to a substrate is high
  • The only film deposition method that an alloy film can form
  • The high melting point raw materials which are difficult with vacuum deposition method can form a film
  • It is easy to control attributions of a film
  • A clean film formation method

Advanced Alloy is the registered trademark of new alloys for sputtering targets that KOBELCO RESEARCH INSTITUTE produces.