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Lifetime measurement system
Carrier recombination lifetime is measured.
The system provides optimum control and evaluation of contamination of heavy metals such as iron and copper generated in the semiconductor process and lattice defects such as oxide induced stacking faults.
Edge profile monitor
Chamfering width, thickness and angle of the wafer edge part, wafer diameter, orientation flat length and notch shape are automatically measured.
The system is broadly used for optimization of wafer edge processing and inspection for shipping.
Edge microscope
The microscope is specially designed for wafer edge and notch observation.
The microscope is used for observing defects (crack, chipping, fissure, residual OX film, etc.) generated at edge and notch region.
Edge roll off measurement system
Roll off amount of wafer edge can be measured with high accuracy.
Wafer sorter
Wafers can be sorted using measured parameters (thickness, resistivity, bow/warp. etc.) and the recipes sent from host computer.
The system is used for effective operation of polishing process, sorting of shipping products and optimization of reclaim wafer process.
Charge-up damage evaluation service
The wafer/chip is used for evaluating damage of OX film caused by plasma charge-up.
This works for high-sensitive evaluation of charge-up damages caused in the plasma process of etching, ashing, ion implantation, CVD and plasma cleaning.
Bow/Warp measurement system
Wafer bow/warp can be measured with high speed/accuracy.
This system is used for quality control of slicing, lapping, etching and polishing processes, shipping inspection, etc.
Fine concave/convex generated on the mirror-finished-surface such as roughness, protuberance, polishing dent and thermal slip on the wafer are clearly displayed as gray scale images.
The system is used for control of wafer polishing process, delivery inspection and control of heat treatment products.
Low temperature poly-silicon evaluation system

Low temperature poly-silicon (LTPS) is an important technology for High resolution TFT LCD.This system is for evaluation of the crystallinity of LTPS without contact and destruction.

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