LEO Laser-Electronics-Optics 高い技術と豊富な実績であらゆるニーズにお応えします

  • Lifetime Measuring System

    Carrier recombination lifetime is measured with system.

  • Thin Film evaluation system
    for FPD

    for valuation of the crystallinity of LTPS without contact and distruction.

  • Flatness・
    profile Measurement System

    Broadly used for optimization of wafer edge processing and inspection for shipping.

  • Makyo System

    for control of wafer polishing process, delivery inspection and control of heat treatment products.

  • Edge/Notch Profile
    Measurement System

    By our unique optical image processing technology, high precision edge/notch measurement is possible.

  • Edge Roll Off Measuring System

    Automatic measurement is posible for thickness, chamfer, width of the wafer edge and also the wafer diameter , length of orientation flat and notch shape.

  • Sorting System・Transfer Machine

    Any combination of measurement menu is available.

  • Bonding Evaluation・
    Edge Defect Inspection System

    will detect defects such as fine scratches and cracks near the edge.

Measurement Services