Measurement Service List

measurement services by contract using our unique measurement systems is possible.

Lifetime Measurement

Lifetime measurment for Semiconductor materials such as Si,SiC, GaN, LTPS, and IGZO

Litetime mapping example of bulk wafer

Lifetime measurement for semiconductor materials such asn Si, SiC, GaN, LTPS, and IGZO. By measuring the lifetime, the heavy metal mixture of a wafers, the integrity of the crystals can be measured and also the wafer pollution cause may be detected.
Standard Spec. pitch measurement of our Lifetime equipment is 0.5mm and with it high speed small mapping is possible.
Blue figure represents short lifetime.

  • contamination by chucking
  • contamination by oxidation boat
  • OSF (Oxidation-induced Stacking Fault) ring
  • Pin contact from
    the manufacturing equipment
  • Slip Dslocation by
    thermal treatment
  • Absorption traces of
    vacuum tweezers

Flatness/Profile Measurement

Flatness: Si, SiC Sapphire substrate(Bow, Warp, TTV, GBIR, FSQR, and etc) flatness measurement.

Measurement Example

Example of saddle type profile

  • Bow: 1.31μm Warp:13.92μm Shape map
  • Thickness: 805.22μm GBIR: 1.14μm Thickness map

Example of bowl type profile

  • Bow: 9.65μm Warp: 17.83μm Shape map
  • Thickness: 807.57μm GBIR: 0.65μm Thickness map

Makyo Observation

Makyo: Si Substrate(Mirror) surface observation

Si Wafer surface observation example

Surface Roughness, Projection, Dent, Grinding Masks , Edge Crack, and Thermal Slip appears clearly

  • 面荒れ
    Orange Peel
  • 突起/凹み
  • 凹み
  • 研磨痕
    Polish Mark
  • 研磨痕
    Polish Mark
  • エッジクラック
    Edge Crack
  • スリップ転位
    Thermal Slip
  • スリップ転位
    Thermal Slip
  • 研削痕

Edge Profile Measurement

Edge Profile: Si, SiC, Sapphire Substrate edge(bevel) profile measurement.

Edge/Notch profile mearement example

shows the measurement example of edge/notch profile.
different profiles canbe supported using optional software.

  • Edge profile measurement example(LCD display)
  • Edge profile measurement example(LCD display)
  • Edge 9 points display screen

Edge Roll Off Measurement

Edge Roll Off (ROA: Roll Off Amount) can be measured without any contact/distruction front/back at the same tme.

Edge Roll Off mearement example

  • DSP Surface
  • U-SSP Surface
  • DSP Thickness
  • U-SSP Thickness